Production of noise barriers


Kohlhauer VOLTA

KOHLHAUER VOLTA offers a whole new world of perspectives in noise protection. Unmatched sound insulation and absorption combined with solar power generation provides a significant contribution to environment protection. Whether at roadsides or railway tracks, transparent or opaque design, east-west or north-south layout – Kohlhauer VOLTA offers the perfect product for any application.


KOHLHAUER VOLTA noise protection elements perfectly combine an appealing finish with the most easy assembly and technical expertise. KOHLHAUER VOLTA integrates solar technology in the proven KOHLHAUER noise protection elements. The perfect alignment of noise protection, solar modules and electric output enables defining standardized elements for almost any type of application.


  • Increased environmental protection contribution without additional costs
  • Decentralized sustainable power generation
  • Positive impact on the image and acceptance of noise barriers by residents
  • Suited for autonomous operation
  • Double use reduces the consumption of additional cultivated land and land use conflicts
  • Cost synergies between noise protection and photovoltaic enable significant economic savings

Product features

  • High standardization level for all elements
  • Optimized electrical output up to the energy provider‘s network connection
  • Solar modules can be replaced easily in case of a defect
  • High sound insulation and absorption available, depending on the basic element
  • Guaranteed yield even in diffuse light conditions thanks to thin-film solar modules
  • Integrated cable conducts with flexible cover

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