Production of noise barriers


Kohlhauer SCORSA

Kohlhauer SCORSA FRAME - noise barriers barriers are renowned worldwide for their innovative, durable and economic noise solutions and captivating design – Functional Walls with best views. They are as SCORSA CLEARVIEW with acrylic glass, as SCORSA Soundgard available with poly-carbonate or as SCORSA LAMEX NOISE PROTECT with silicate glass.


Intelligent KOHLHAUER SCORSA system solutions offer transparent noise protection in modular standard sizes with the element structures SCORSA CLEARVIEW, SCORSA SOUNDGARD or SCORSA LAMEX NOISE PROTECTION in the SCORSA FRAME. Also available in the transparent and absorbent SCORSA CLEARWALL version. We offer transparent noise protection without visibility obstruction, using the SCORSA POINT FIXING frame construction – point fixing for modern layouts. In addition, our parabola-shaped SCORSA FLEX for a futuristic design.



  • Noise barrier without blocked views
  • Stable frame profile made of coated aluminum
  • Modular standard components for a cost-efficient realization of small, medium and large-scale projects
  • Available with various pane materials
  • Also available with tempered surface
  • Optional bird protection stripes
  • Extensive colour range for individual design
  • CE conformity are present

Product specifications

  • Excellent sound-insulating performance
  • Stable element structure - also for high loads
  • Extremely high aging and corrosion resistance
  • High UV and colour resistance of all used materials
  • Pane infill made of acrylic, silicate glass as well as poly-carbonate
  • All materials 100% recyclable
  • Increased noise protection and sound absorption, when combined with other Kohlhauer noise barrier elements

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