Production of noise barriers


Kohlhauer LIGNA

High quality timber noise barriers from treated pine (other woods are available upon request) as a highly sound absorbing or sound reflective version. The elements are CE-certified and correspond to EU standards. The elements are to be mounted between pre-installed posts; in piling pipe, concrete sleeve or auger pile foundations. Wall heights up to 6 m are feasible.



Noise barriers made of wood offer special design possibilities, have an excellent ecological balance (CO - neutral) and make an important contribution to relieving the strain on the environment and saving on resources.



  • A chemical wood preserver is applied through pressure impregnation
  • Slightly green colour shade
  • The impregnation is environmentally friendly and persistent
  • As a result of its resistance to deicing salt, no post-treatment is required

Product features

  • Upper and lower chord made from profiled cross timbers
  • Vertical key and slot planking on the back side
  • In front of the planks an absorption mat is mounted; it is covered by a black glass mat on the front side
  • Vertically nailed round timbers serve as cladding on the noise exposed surface
  • Vertical frame timbers incorporate milled grooves for pre-compressed joint tape
  • Additional locking through wedges

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