Production of noise barriers


Kohlhauer ALUMNA

Kohlhauer noise barriers are a perfect combination of sophisticated technology, environmentally friendly design and attractive appearance. Kohlhauer ALUMNA combines industrial design with high quality static and acoustic characteristics. These elements provide the industrial appearance of a metal facade.



They are used wherever smooth technical metal design is called for. The elements are made of structural upper and lower chords of extruded aluminium. The front and rear wall panels of high-quality aluminium alloy are hooked into the chords and riveted to the side caps. The upper and lower chords act as a tongue and groove system to prevent noise being transmitted. The side caps are also extruded elements with integrated seals on both sides.


  • Stable form, seawater-resistant
  • Upper and lower chords make for stability
  • Range of colour coatings available
  • Integrated seals on both sides
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent sound insulation and absorption
  • Combinable with Kohlhauer SCORSA FRAME systems

Product features

  • Upper chords of extruded elements, tongue and groove design
  • Perforated aluminium front panel
  • Compressed mineral wool absorber, fleece-lined
  • Closed real aluminium panel (stucco design)
  • Lower chords of extruded elements, tongue and groove design

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