Production of noise barriers


Kohlhauer ALUFERA

After the successful introduction of the patented plantable system Kohlhauer PLANTA, Kohlhauer is presenting the new all-round Grid-Insulation-System (GIS) Kohlhauer ALUFERA.

Based on the proven design of our PLANTA system, this element had been specially developed for the needs of the new trans-European future markets, without having to renounce the proven construction principle. The result is a new and attractive large-sized noise barrier element, with the well-known and highly efficient acoustical properties and the easy to assemble, patented technology.


Kohlhauer ALUFERA noise barrier systems perfectly combine an appealing finish with sustainable construction and high technical requirements. All KOHLHAUER Grid-Insulation-Systems (GIS) have been tested by renowned institutes for noise insulation, sound absorption, wind load, frost and road salt resistance, durability etc. and so Kohlhauer ALUFERA as well.



  • Innovative aluminum sectional frame for increased stability
  • Solid tongue and groove interlock for easy stacking of multiple elements
  • More solid vertical bars for even higher noise barriers
  • Ventilation and drain ducts for constant noise barrier performance and water drainage
  • Innovative click-fastening system for various post profiles reduces the assembly time effort at the construction site
  • Modular standard components for a cost efficient realization of large-scale projects
  • Various height compensation modules (stack-able) for easy adaptation to different landscapes
  • Extensive colour range for all system components allows an individual design
  • CE-certified quality


  • Excellent sound-insulating and highly absorptive performance on both sides
  • Solid element structure for a consistent natural appearance
  • All used materials are completely recyclable
  • Extremely high aging and corrosion resistance
  • High UV and colour resistance for all used materials
  • Combining with other Kohlhauer noise barrier elements

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