About us

CONING Sarajevo was founded in 2009 as limited liability Company for design, construction, supervision, engineering and consulting. The Company has earned superb references in the wide spectrum of various use buildings. Our clients are private persons, legal entities, State institutions and local municipalities. Our main objective is to invest our maximum commitment and professional knowledge to ensure that our clients’ interests are at the forefront of everything we do. Our Company is active in a number of areas. We started as a young and prosperous design bureau, employing architects with vast experience in design and management. It was not long before we expanded our operations to supervision, engineering and consulting, which expanded our field of work to construction engineering design and Environmental protection. The Company currently operates in two significant departments – Architecture and Environmental Protection.


Architecture department focuses on Design, Supervision and Consultancy related to all construction works. This department employs engineers with extensive experience at all design levels and construction management of numerous facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as internationally.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection department includes Energy Efficiency and Noise protection solutions. All EnC member states, including B&H, are obliged to make reduction in final energy consumption by 9% compared to base state in 2010, in period 2011-2018. Also, the energy sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina was recognized as one of the most important driving forces of B&H economy. Our services include preliminary and detailed energy audit, design, supervision and consultancy for improvement of Energy Efficiency in buildings. When it comes to Noise protection CONING is the leader in the field of noise barrier systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As being partner of R.Kohlhauer GmbH, with CONING you are assured a team of competent design, engineering and production experts in the field of sound protection and environment management. In close cooperation with leading manufacturers we can offer a wide product range to meet all requirements.


Our employees have important both local and international experience while working on projects in different areas and cooperating with companies from Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, Pakistan, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and others. We are proud to say that all of our current clients are extremely satisfied with our services, even more they were glad to provide us with letters of recommendation for future clients.